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Computer Doctor Support

We have included a number of documents and tools to help you achieve and maintain a healthy PC (Laptop or Desktop).

As many people experience the same problems and frustrations, we have included a support section, a resource available any time to help to diagnose and resolve minor ailments.

Slow computer operation is common, either caused by software or hardware and these problems are fixed daily in our modern workshop.

Desktop computers as well as Notebooks can be upgraded at reasonable cost with extra memory or larger hard disks, or simply tuned for optimal operation.

Lost Data is not unusual and there is a very important procedure to follow when this happens. DO NOT install any software on the sick computer, it may overwrite the very data you wish to recover. Best solution is to switch the computer off and call (02) 4920 9977!

Hoax Alert programs are very common at present, the client gets a pop-up from an unknown source declaring “Your computer is infected and a scan need to be run immediately”, (with their software), which will advise you need to purchase the full version to facilitate the removal of the “infections”. Best solution is either run your own Spyware removal software, if it doesn’t remove the Hoax program, switch the computer off and call (02) 4920 9977!

Wireless Warning – Every wireless network needs to be made secure, this stops people using your Broadband Service, as well accessing your personal computer files. Computer Doctor – Newcastle can setup and secure your wireless modem and router.

Computer Doctor – Newcastle’s premium clients include; Charlestown Toyota, Newcastle Toyota, Subway, Warners Bay & Kotara, McDonalds Warners Bay, Audio Junction, Boolaroo SES, Bahtabah Land Council, Biala Respite Care, Magic Movers, Cannavale Constructions, Charlestown Meals on Wheels, Cossies Newspower, Drummond Golf, Fitness Revolution, Foodworx Whitebridge, Grays Coachlines, Hunter Remedial Massage, Imagenta, Just Drafting, Warners Bay Childcare, SD Enviromental and Lake Macquarie Business Centre.
We also service agents for United Electrical and Compugard warranties.